We at Subham Decorators and Caterers always work for providing you with the quality services. However, we value your choice and thus let you customize your booking from our plethora of quality services.

Before you proceed with your choice, please take 2 minutes of your precious time for filling up the form below so that we can send you our detailed list of services or ask our customer care representatives to call you at the earliest.

Our Terms and Conditions:
  1. We always go through a tight schedule, therefore are able to take up 3 assignments a day on first come, first served basis.
  2. You need to pay us an advance by cheque on the day you book us for your occasion.
  3. The remaining 80% of the amount however can be paid before 15 days of the occasion by cheque.
  4. The balance amount needs to be paid on the day of the occasion by cheque.
  5. Party concerned should final the Menu and number of plates before 15 days of the occasion.
  6. The party concerned shall have to arrange for water supply, garbage and electricity at the cooking area/ dining area.
  7. 7 The party concerned also has to provide us with necessary furniture and table cloth etc.
  8. We are not responsible for cleaning the dining space or any other places of the venue.

To know more please contact here-  7003281700 /  9883099099

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