How Much Do Catering Services Cost in India?

You might want to know how much do catering services cost in India and formulate a plan based on that. This article will help you get an idea of what kind of costs you might have to incur when choosing a suitable catering service for your event. 

This article will give you an overall idea of how you can determine the actual cost of hiring a caterer in almost every corner of India, whether it is Kolkata,Karnataka or Mumbai.

Factors That Affect Catering Service Costs

Here are the factors that affect the catering service costs;

  • Wedding Size

The bigger the wedding, the more you will have to pay for catering services. One thing you should be aware of is that catering services list prices per plate. So keep that in mind when calculating prices.

You should check the amount they serve and compare it with the number of expected guests that are set to appear. Also, note the number of items you are serving. Having multiple dessert items for people might ramp up your costs.

  • Type of Event

Catering services often have different prices depending on the event. The usual categories include wedding, party, corporate, and industry.

Weddings usually cost the most starting from around 300 Indian rupees to, depending on how extravagant and varied the food is even more than 1000 Indian rupees per plate.

Party prices range from 200 to 800 or 900 rupees per plate. Corporate and industry prices start at 50 and extend to 80 Indian rupees depending on the items served.

  • Menu and Food

The type of food you order will also cause the catering costs to increase or decrease. In a place like India, where there are many different people, some may have different diets.

Catering services often offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, with vegetarian food being more expensive than non-vegetarian food. There are also other variations like North Indian and South Indian that will affect prices.

Also, different services might provide different dessert items, and as such, your costs will vary accordingly.

  • The Catering Service Itself

Different catering services will charge you different prices. Both may sell the same items but at different prices. It is up to you to choose which service you will put your trust in as the quality of food may vary significantly.

Note that high prices don’t always translate into high-quality services. Some catering services offer rentals. This includes chairs, tables, glassware, and utensils. In case your venue doesn’t provide these, you might need to spend extra on the service itself for them to provide these rentals.

  • Location and City

The catering services will usually make the food and transport them to the venue in which the event is taking place.

They might often take delivery charges. It should also be noted that the price of catering services vary from city to city. Cities such as Agra and Delhi will often charge higher prices for their services, while places like Bangalore often charge comparatively less.


An Estimated Cost of Catering Services in India

As you can see, there are several variables or factors that go into play when deciding how much costs you will expect to incur. It is usually a subjective matter, and your plan will play heavily into how much you have to pay. To give you an idea, there are some probable ranges you can consider when planning a wedding.


Price Ranges for Weddings

  • A small scale wedding involving some family members and colleagues will usually have a total cost of 5 to 10 lakhs in Indian rupees. Usually from there, 25% will be spent behind catering, and so you will probably have to pay anywhere from 1.25 to 2.5 lakhs.
  • Medium-scale weddings are the most common and are usually the ones that you’re most likely to see. This also leads to some variations in the costs, and thus, the range is quite larger than small scale weddings and difficult to estimate.
  • Most of these weddings have a budget of 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Out of this, around 4 to 8 lakhs in Indian rupees goes behind catering.
  • Large scale weddings, as you can guess, have a very high budget. They start from anywhere around 30 lakhs and go up as high as double the amount or even more.

Usually, you will see exquisite food being served and a great variety of items, including special food items that aren’t usually prepared. As a result, high-class catering is employed, and the costs to these start at around 10 lakhs and can extend to 12, even depending on the catering service.


Corporate and Industry Price Ranges

For corporate and industry events, there are specialized catering services. As a result, they offer different prices and often work on a contract basis. Usually, the prices are listed on websites and can be negotiated over the phone.

As a result, it is hard to make an estimate, and as they work on somewhat of a different principle.



Hopefully, this article has given you a grasp of what goes behind charging a catering service for your event. It is not the easiest of tasks and can cost you quite a bit, depending on the event itself.

The best way to go about it is to compare prices on websites such as Indiamart, who will also supply appropriate contact information so that you can talk and negotiate prices.

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