At Subham Decorator and Caterers, we serve quality food at very reasonable price. Our menu includes eclectic food preparations from Indian and Oriental, Chinese to traditional royal Bengali dishes. Our cooks are well known for their cooking skills and we are grateful to all of you who have made us your priority for any big event.
We bring before you the diverse varieties of food items to choose from by simply clicking on the menu list. We guarantee your satisfaction and it’s your precious smile that motivates us to work at your service. It is your vibrant smile and satisfactory eyes that inspire us to work harder for becoming the number 1 decorator and caterer service provider in the country. Under the menu tab you will find food items as per your requisite that not only matches your tastes but also your budgets.


We have a team of complete decoration management that arranges for you the complete set of decoration services for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, get together, special events and any other related services of highest professional quality. Our professionals are trained for undertaking any types of decoration services.
With us by your service, you would get quality blended with guaranteed satisfaction. No one except us understands you better, thus we let you customize your event’s decoration blue print with our hundreds of set ups and style formats. Other kinds of decoration service that you would avail here include:

  • Flower Arrangements and Drape
  • Set Decorations
  • Car Decorations
  • House Decorations

The professional exposure of our team in achieving high end customization in serving our clients has made us a name of repute with intense clarity and profundity.

Photography and Videography:

Events without photographs seem dry. At Subham Decorator and Caterers we have the professional photographers who frame your memorable times and gift you in a wrapper of highest quality professionalism. Our team of photographers has the latest cameras and accessories that brighten up your captured frames. So, keep us by your side and let your moments turn to memories with our quality service.
Our photographers are indeed creative artists, who believe in story telling through their captured frames rather than walking down the aisle of posing while opting for random clicks. It is our excellent service that will surely bring a smile to your face and keep you close to your memorable days. Our professionals are dedicated and help you to serve the best with our professionalism.


We join any party for making ourselves happy. Without entertainment where is the fun? Our team serves you here and act to keep you happy. At Subham Decorator and Caterers we try to innovate our services and thus, arrange Charlie Chaplin, Mowgli, Chota Bheem, Dholu- Bholu, Shrek etc. for your kid’s birthdays. Trust us; your children would love it. Appraisal from guests is in your hand and is within your limits. So what is making you wait? Contact us for feeling the difference!
In big occasion we also arrange DJ- parties, Disco-nights etc. So if you want to make more memorable your event, contact us.

So, what are you waiting for! Call us and book us for your party. With us by your service you can expect to bring life to your party. Our team in every way would make your event turn grand and make you the star of the party!

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